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You may have heard the term conscious relationship floating around and wondered, what the heck does that mean? I’ve used it to describe the type of relationship that I choose to create and been met with confusion and questions. I can’t recall when I first heard it, but I do know that it’s become increasingly popular and that I see it used on social media by relationship and life coaches who aim to help others have better relationships.

I’ve embraced it as a type of relationship that one creates with presence, awareness, and intention. All of those terms can be…

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Quitting gets a bad rap, and it’s time for that to change. For me, quitting is an act of self-perseverance, wisdom, and courage. It’s an art, really. Over the years, I’ve learned to quit faster and better and to never look back. Quitting is a decisive act that can not only be liberating, but it can change the trajectory of your life, which is why it’s wise to learn to quit with intention and presence.

I’ve quit things big and small, from habits to a marriage, and I’ve not always done it well. The times when the quitting was done…

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Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Without it, we won’t get very far with others, whether it’s reaching a professional agreement or getting a date. Both the colleague and the cute person of interest are either consciously or unconsciously assessing how trustworthy we appear, and we’re doing the same. Body language, verbal cues, and consistent actions and behaviors all provide information about a person’s trustworthiness.

I bet we can all think of at least one example when someone came off as glaringly untrustworthy because of something they said or did upon meeting them. We probably can also recall a…

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First, healing isn’t always an eradication of disease or dis-ease. Sometimes, healing is finding the balance point where we can live a full and healthy life while managing an issue. That is the kind of healing my fifteen-year-old son has experienced. He probably wouldn’t call it healing, though, because to him it’s a matter of whether or not his skin is covered in uncomfortable psoriatic plaques or not. He has psoriasis, which is a genetic autoimmune disease.

Our Story
The plaques first appeared on his knees when he was about six years old and were mild irritations that I was able…

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Narcissistic abusers create an alternative reality in which none of the abusive behavior they are responsible for exists. In this alternative reality, they cast themselves as a good person who is victimized by others. They don’t own up to their faults or, if they do, it’s done to placate others or to feign self-awareness. One narcissist I recently spoke to was certain she didn’t have any mental, emotional, or behavioral issues to deal with but that other people certainly did. We’re all dealing with something and, chances are, some of what we think we know isn’t true or correct, so…

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We all know that viruses are living organisms that can evolve and change, but did you also know that they play a key role in human evolution, affecting the cells in our bodies and our social structures? It’s true, and as we live through the coronavirus pandemic and ponder post-corona life, we would be wise to consider the evolutionary changes that are to come so that we can prepare for and support our ongoing and inevitable growth and development.

A 2016 research study by scholars at Stanford University revealed that, “viruses hijack nearly every function of a host organism’s cells…

Many of us are struggling with sleep these days. A side effect of COVID-19 and the political and social unrest in the U.S has resulted in another kind of pandemic: poor sleep and its consequences.

There are some illnesses that can cause fatigue, so ruling out a medical issue that needs a doctor’s attention, other common causes of poor sleep are:

✔Screen usage
✔Lack of physical activity
✔Environmental disturbances

If just looking at the list feels irritating or overwhelming, my first suggestion is to apply self-compassion by acknowledging that what we’re experiencing is…

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Many of us have embraced the notion that if we’re unhappy with our relationships it’s because we’re attracting the wrong people. This is especially likely if we identify an unhealthy pattern in behavior or personality related to our relationships. However, there’s always a pattern and whether healthy or unhealthy, the pattern serves the same purpose: to support our growth and wellbeing. Yes, even unhealthy patterns can support us. I’ll explain how later.

First, I want to dismantle once and for all the idea that we attract the wrong partners. I’m going to take this idea apart word for word, beginning…

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There is no such thing as something being “just about politics.” Politics are not divorced from the rest of our experience. The political is personal and the personal is political. If you’re not sure about this, then let me point out how women’s bodies, which are intensely personal to the women who inhabit them, are political objects; and how equal access to quality education is dependent on your socio-economic status, which is tied to your race and ethnicity, which is connected to your access to high-quality and respectful heath care and on and on and on. Each of these facets…

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All families experience some form of dysfunction. It could be a temporary situation as a result of a crisis or critical event, or an ongoing and persistent issue resulting from addiction or mental illness. In the family, dysfunction is identified when conflict and instability become common which can happen, as many of us know, after a major change, during a life-stage transition, or because one or more of the family members are experiencing a personal crisis, among other reasons.

When our family is experiencing dysfunction, it’s tempting to look for someone to blame or scapegoat, but it’s not that simple…

Angela Meredith

Writer, mother, mindfulness teacher, and consciousness activist committed to the greater good.

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